The Power of Supplements

How Supplements Can Help


Nutrition, whether it’s pre, post or during workouts, can have a significant influence on your ability to maintain and sustain an active lifestyle. Supplements are here to... ‘supplement’, and ‘compliment’ the food we ingest for our bodies. However, in today’s busy world, people live busy lives.  And unfortunately as a result, our diet and our nutrition often suffer… and consequently our body suffers. Supplements help optimize the positive effects from exercise and an active lifestyle. 


Can you get all the benefits of supplements you need from a well-balanced and often strict diet... absolutely! We certainly won’t tell you ‘you NEED’ supplements, but we’ll tell you ‘they’re probably in your best interest’. Low calorie diets are often low nutrients diets. When people try to follow diets, or eat less, they can often miss the recommended values of nutrients and minerals. And the kicker is... exercise often increases our nutrient needs. Furthermore, food processing, cooking and preserving can lead to nutrient depletion in the food. For example, creatine is found in red meats... but normal cooking slowly reduces the preformed creatine level in these foods, by denaturing a polypeptide. If you like yourself a well-done steak... you actually retain relatively small amounts of creatine. In a case like this, supplements are aiding your body by providing enough of what its’ already trying to consume. Creatine is one of many supplements that can cause a small, but significant improvement in performance (which in this case, is high-intensity strength training. i.e suggestion: consume heavy hype).


Perhaps the most important reasons to consume supplements post-workout is that supplements re-fuel your body. Well technically it’s the carbohydrates, but supplements can be ingested quickly when your body is most receptive to nutrient absorption post-workout. Like you need to re-fuel your car after a trip, you need to refuel your body after a workout. In-fact, a failure to consume adequate carbohydrate after exercise, for example, results in a higher than necessary level of muscle breakdown, thereby reducing the benefit that might have been derived from the resistance training or exercise session in the first place. You took the time to go for a workout... so take the time to ensure your body recovers as best it can! 


Sure, you pack a lunch or a nutritious snack for after your workout... but will you!? Supplements are fast, compact, easy to pack and convenient. Which is why consuming supplements post-workout is so incredibly common. DYME has taken convenience to a whole new level, but the fact remains that nutrition makes a vital contribution to any exerciser trying to accomplish their fitness goals, whether it’s in whole food, or supplement form. So go ahead, explore our capsules.. and find the one that’s right for you!


Keep Fit.