Dedication, consistency and cumulative training is necessary to promote any changes in physique and fitness.  DYME helps you recover to pre-exercise levels to ensure you’re always ready and refueled for your next workout!


Your recovery of energy and nutrient intake, should match your dynamics of energy and nutrient usage.  This means that your post-workout recovery should be dependent on the ‘type’, ‘volume’ and ‘duration’ of the exercise you complete.  One scoop doesn’t fit all.  Fill out our fitness profiler to help determine which of our five types of recovery recipes best represent you and your workout.  


Maximize the anabolic effect of strength training, promote the reloading and regeneration of energy stores, maintain the immune system’s function, reduce muscle soreness, and improve cognitive performance such as coordination, concentration and focus.  Your body’s muscles are most receptive to nutrients and recovery aids right after your workout!

Every Month, you can purchase, redesign and receive your own box of custom nutrition capsules.  We pride ourselves on providing a superb fitness supplement that  can adapt as you progress, and delivers results at a great value.   

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