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part 1: The dyme experience/ fit box
Was it easy to access and use on a daily basis?
Would you like to see the Fit Box in another color? *
Would you like to receive this box every month? Or would you prefer to receive it just once, and fill it up each month after that? *
Was the 'DYME Capsule Collection' booklet easy to use and refer to? *
Did you use it? *
The workout is ‘complimentary’- you are obviously not forced to follow it, but encouraged to do so. Did you follow it? *
Was the workout easy to understand and follow? *
How would you prefer to receive your DYME workout plan? *
Do you like the idea of having a 'Featured Trainer' each month that designs the DYME workouts? *
Did you consume all 10 DYME Doses? *
Did you try out one of the suggested DYME smoothie recipes? *
Would you be compelled to 'show off' your DYME Doses? *
Say with your friends or social media following...
We are aware that the current lid used is slightly difficult to remove (we are planning to change this), does this bother you majorly? *
What would be ideal to you?
Were the DYME Labels easy to read and understand? *
Was all the information you wanted to receive included on the label? *
Did the colour/flavour indication confuse you? Or was this not an issue? *
If so, for which Dose was it an issue? *
Would you like to see a DYME Dose specifically for men and one for women? *
What flavours did you like? *
What flavours did you dislike? *
Naturally, a hydrator has less contents in a serving than a protein shake. We are trying our best to design packaging to suit this detail...
Does it bother you that there are different quantities in the different DYME Doses? *
Overall, how did they taste? *
Overall, would you buy DYME Doses/Fit Box instead of buying tubs of supplements? *
Do you feel that 40 grams is too much for one serving? *
Our biggest DYME Dose, is the Heavy Hype (40 grams)
How did you prefer to consume your DYME Dose?
What did you do with your empty tubes? *
How many DYME Doses would you like to order at 1 time? *
Do you see yourself buying a variety of DYME Doses, or just one type? *
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Part 3: the dyme website
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Part 4: Overall
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Thanks for your time, effort and support! Keep Fit!